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Powder Bar Travel

On the bottom of page 25 Section 8.3.3 and mainly 8.3.4 in the instructional manual it states that the charge bar arm should come in contact with the powder body at the same time the operating handle reaches the end of its down stroke indicating a properly adjusted powder bar. On my machine....the charge bar arm contacts the powder body (Full horizontal travel) with 5-8% left of downward movement on the operating handle. The charge bar doesn’t try to “over travel” past the powder body or anything...it just stays in place while I drop the handle an addition 5-8%. I followed the Dillon videos of Gary setting up the XL750 and didn’t see him adjust anything prior to adjusting the powder die for flaring. Any help would be appreciated as this is my first Dillon/reloading machine.
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RE: Powder Bar Travel

This varies depending on whether you are loading a straightwall handgun cartridge or a bottlenecked rifle cartridge.
For handgun cartridges, the case mouth is flared. For this to occur, the powder bar has to go all the way over before the handle bottoms out. This allows you to push the case up onto the flaring shoulder of the funnel.
For bottleneck cases, the case is not flared. In this instance, you want the powder bar to finish travel at the same time the handle bottoms out, to prevent damage to the case.