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parts RL 1050

I ask the question in dillon
I bought a Dillon RL 1050 in the early 90's
And I would like to know if Dillon still has spare parts for the RL, the linkage that is specific to the RL, completely different from the Super 1050.
I worry a little, because on the Dillon site, I did not see anything.
And is the LIFETIME WARRANTY still valid ?

Thanks in advance for the answer.
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RE: parts RL 1050

We still have all parts for the RL1050, including the connecting rod assembly. The parts unique to the RL1050 are not available online, but must be ordered by phone.
The RL1050 never had a lifetime warranty. The warranty on the RL1050 was always one year from original date of sale. This is very clear in the first paragraph of the Instruction Manual.