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Older RL 550

I have an older RL 550 aprox. 1991 vintage. I have a few questions

1. Would this be an RL 550 B ? or was there ever a plan old RL 550

2. What are the differences between my older press and a current model which if I am correct is a RL 550 C

3. I see there is a powder fail safe upgrade for the RL 550 series I just bought 2 new quick change kits will my old press work with these new kits or do I need the up grade kit?
( it is not set up right now to try it )

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RE: Older RL 550

You have an RL550. TO use the current powder measures, you will need to add the failsafe return upgrade, #20303.
Your RL550 lacks the two B updates, the failsafe return for the powder measure, and the low primer alarm, a buzzer that alerts you when there are only 3 primers left in the magazine tube.
The 550C updates are the new frame design, which has the upper link arm pivot pins thread into the frame ( instead of hammered in), and a grease fitting on the lower link arm pivot pin, and a redesigned crank (to accomidate the fatter pin needed).