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NRA Membership

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Dillon wants you to join the NRA!

Mike Dillon believed that every gun owner should join the NRA, so we will pay $10 of the $45 fee for the first year of your NEW NRA membership, leaving just $35 for you to pay. Dillon will also give you a $10 coupon, as our way of thanking you for joining the NRA. That makes the cost of your first year NRA membership only $25 bucks!

Choose the NRA Publication you wish to receive (American Rifleman, American Hunter, or Americas First Freedom), and please enter your date of birth on the last address line during checkout. Membership starts on the first day of the month following processing of the payment by the NRA. Expect a six to eight week processing period. Upon submission, Dillon will mail an invoice to you for use as proof of joining, along with the $10 coupon.

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