North Mountain Full Moon Clip Belt Holder
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North Mountain Full Moon Clip Belt Holder

Stock Number: 21883
The North Mountain Moon Clip Holder is made with the competitive revolver shooter in mind.  It was specifically designed for use in IPSC/USPSA and ICORE competition.  With the 4 post configuration weighing in at less than 12 oz., it is both light weight and durable giving you a stable platform to hold 8 loaded moon clips in 8 inches of belt space.  It is securely fastened to your belt using standard Tek-Loks™ to seemlessly integrate with your current set up.
The moon clips are held in place by the tension of the angled Kydex body which both firmly secures the moon clips in place to prevent them from being dislodged during movement while at the same time allowing you to smoothly remove the loaded moon clip from the holder during reloads.  NO "O" rings to slow you down.

I've tried several methods of holding my moon clips, and this works best for me! My hand only has to go to one place, so I no longer grope around frantically for my reloads.
Mark Pixler, Editor-The Blue Press