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No BS Warranty??

RL550B purchased in 2001.
Well I guess the NO BS warranty doesn’t apply anymore!?!? I’ve had two mating parts that are worn out and I can’t get a response from Dillion! I bought this machine because of the great customer service 17 years ago. I know my press and shouldn’t have to return it and pay $80 for Dillion to tell me what’s wrong. The link arm pin and crank are bad as they do not move smoothly. The pin has been grinding inside the crank. I’m willing to return both of those parts so you can see but I don’t want to package my entire machine and have to pay the “overhaul” fee. How come I can’t even get an email response from a week ago?? All I need are two parts. Can I get a 13409 and a 13700?

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RE: No BS Warranty??

we are within a day or so on responding to email. Please resend it to gary.kieft@dillonprecision.com , and include your address.