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New XL750 when to grease or not to grease

Hello all,
I am completely new to the Dillon family so please bear with me. I am not new to reloading though. I just purchased a new XL750 and have reloaded 200 rounds of 9mm so far. The basic question deals with maintenance. Should I routinely grease the zerk fittings and put 30 weight old on the ram or is there a schedule that is recommended? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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RE: New XL750 when to grease or not to grease


There's a good video on the internet, somewhere, detailing the lub process for the 650 press. Have a look at that & do likewise with the 750.

As for me, when the ram gets dry, I add some 30 grade motor oil. I'd rather do it a few extra times with small amounts of oil, to avoid the mess copious quantities of oil makes. As for the zerk fittings, they can go a while without attention. If you are in doubt, just give them a pump or two of grease and watch for the overflow coming out, then stop. There's one pivot point at the bottom of the ram that needs some grease every now & then. That one needs to be loosened & moved to either side & greased manually. The video will show you the other, smaller, moving parts that need a smear of grease. Note, not all moving parts need grease.