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New press setup issues

Here are the issues I experienced getting my press setup...

A. Bench is just over 1 - 3/4 thick...unable to use right front mounting bolt..the handle nut hit it before the press hit the stop for the top. So, it's mounted with 3 bolts.

B. Had to modify bend angles on the case ejector/bin holder. The case feeder was hitting it, and the bin would not slide in place.

C. Case feeder wasn't feeding reliably...had to loosen set screw to allow more travel at stop.

D. When the primer warning alerts...load more primers IMMEDIATELY...even though there should have been ~6 primers remaining, they started mis-feeding...powder everywhere.

Everything else setup beautifully. First hundred of pre-primed brass went progressive run I ever had. Second hundred letting the 750 prime went smooth as butter until the ~94th round...then the primers got low and things went to hell. Powder everywhere...had to tear the machine down and clean.
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RE: New press setup issues

I had the same problem on my 750. I believe the small plastic tip on the primer magazine was too tight not allowing primers to drop through.
Now I can run the magazine completely down to the last primer, although not necessary.