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New Cases

As most of us know, in any press, new cases can be very sticky once they are run onto dies. I want to load a few hundred new 357 cases and in the past they usually stick on the expander / powder die. Graphite powder in the case cleaner might be too messy once the cases are in the case feeder or case tube and I don't know if Dillon spray lube would get inside the cases. Has anyone got any suggestions on a cure for sticky straight wall cases?
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RE: New Cases

I handle it differently depending upon what I am doing. The least messy way for me, is to stand up the cases and give them a minimal spray down into the group. Let them dry. I get both inside and outside at the same time. Some more than others. But it seems to work well.

More messy, is tossing all of them into a big plastic bag and giving them a fair soaking spray and tossing them about. Takes a lot longer to dry and they have to be dumped out on newspaper or a towel. Or they will be sticky a long time.

What I have not done yet, is tumble them in used media. But that should work as well. Works great for fired cases.