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my wish list

Once again, I would like to share what I would like to see from Dillon in the future. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

1. A XL 650 that allows the powder measure to be installed in either station 2 or 3. This allows those of us who want to use a separate expander die to place the resizing die in station 1, the expander die in station 2 and the powder measure in station 3. Having a separate station for the expander die allows the use of a 2-stage expander die, but more importantly, it is SO much easier to set up a separate expander die to get the correct amount of expansion than it is to adjust a powder measure to get the correct amount of expansion.

2. Over sized shooting glasses that can be worn over prescription glasses.

3. A version of your electronic hearing protector that has audio input. For those of us whose shooting sport uses match commands (e.g. Ready on the Left, Ready on the Right, Ready on the Firing Line, Commence Firing), this would allow us to attach an audio player that plays the commands so we can practice under match conditions.

Again, thank you for your consideration.
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RE: my wish list

Can't help you with #2 or #3, but for #1, it most certainly can be done. I have a toolhead set up for 9mm with the Dillon sizing/decap die in station 1, an EGW U die (with the decap rod removed) in station 2, a Dillon Powder measure in station 3, a Dillon seating die in 4, and a Dillon crimp die in 5. All that was need to make it work was a slight "tweak" of the fail-safe rod to handle the little bit of extra offset between stations 2 & 3.