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Loaded cases won't eject

I'm using a 550B. I was reloading 44 mag and the press ran great. I removed the 44 setup and changed over to 45 acp. Again, the press ran great. Switched back to 44 mag and now the loaded shells will not eject into the bin. The loaded shell just revolves into position 1. All locater pins and shell plated are the right numbers for both calibers. I switched back to 45 acp as a test and empty 45 acp cases drop into the bin. Anybody have any idea of what the problem might be with the 44 mag setup?
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RE: Loaded cases won't eject

After reading your question, I ran over to my 550B, which is presently set up for 38 Super and ran an empty case around. The Ejector Wire (part 571), which fits into the shellplate platform (part 506) between station 4 and 1, ejects the finished round into the bin. The only way I could imagine a loaded shell rotating back to station 1 is by removing that part. I've been using my machine for thirty years and never removed that item. At the risk of sounding simplistic, did you remove that part while changing calibers?