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Link Arms not moving freely

Link Arms 13585 and 13747 are not moving freely on their pins 13834 and 13881. This causes a binding when the handle 20630 is operated, raising and lowering the main shaft 13775.

I have checked the other pins and motion of the shaft when disconnected from the link arms and everything is smooth. It takes considerable effort to swing the link arms. It does not seem possible to remove the pins for cleaning and lubrication.

The binding causes a hesitation in the raising and lowering of the main shaft and prevents a gravity return to the full down position.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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RE: Link Arms not moving freely

You must have the older swing arms as the newer ones have a hole to inject grease into them. The pins do come out. You have to remove the ram to do this. Be advised that to remove the ram you have to remove the platform and to reinstall properly you will need a realignment tool from Dillon. The pin on the right side has a hole in the middle. You need to use a long punch through this hole to remove the left pin. With the left pin out you come through the left hole to remove the right pin. When removing the right pin be sure the punch is on the pin and not the side of the shaft. If you have your press mounted on a strong mount you will need to remove the bullet tray bracket to get the left pin out.
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RE: Link Arms not moving freely

Dillon or YouTube has excellent videos showing this.