Square Deal B Lubrication and Maintenance

Sep 23rd, 2016

Before you begin you may find that watching the following videos will help you.  If you prefer written instructions just scroll down for all the details in writing.

Cleaning the Dillon Precision Square Deal B

Lubricating the Dillon Precision Square Deal B

Cleaning procedures

  • Use the long pipe cleaners and alcohol to clean the interior of the primer magazine and pickup tubes.
  • Use the tooth brush and alcohol to clean the primer slide and housing, and the shellplate.

Lubrication Procedures

Use only grease on the Square Deal B, grease the following:

  • Both inside and outside of the link arm bearings.
  • Pivot pin where it connects the tongue of the handle to the bottom of the shaft.
  • The underside of the shellplate bolt (lightly).
  • The vertical corners of the shaft.
  • The vertical ribs of the connector body collar at the bottom of the powder measure.
  • The angled edge of the bottom of the index lever.
  • Grease the inside and outside of the link arm bearings, vertical corners of the shaft, angled surface of the bottom of the index lever, under the head of the shellplate bolt and the vertical ribs on the connector body collar for the powder measure.

We have several helpful videos on our site.  Just scroll down until you find the one you need.

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