XL650 Lubrication and Maintenance

Sep 23rd, 2016
Before you get started you may want to check out these helpful videos.  If you prefer written instructions just scroll down for a detailed list of cleaning and lubrication procedures.

Lubrication of the Dillon Precision XL650

Cleaning the Dillon Precision XL650 and optional Casefeed System

  • First, remove the shellplate, handle and then the primer system from the machine.
  • Next, remove the two bolts that attach the platform to the top of the shaft, and lift off the platform.
  • Now remove the set screw from the bottom of the shaft.  This allows you to push out the cross pin that connects the bottom of the shaft to the crank, pushes out either way.  Be aware that when you remove this pin, the shaft will fall out.
  • Once the shaft is removed, the upper link arm pins can be removed.  One upper link arm pin, typically the right side, is hollow.  Run a long punch (an 8D nail with the point cut off works well) thru the hollow pin to pound out the solid pin.  Run the punch thru from the opposite side to pound out the hollow pin.
  • With both pins removed, the link arms and crank assembly are now released.  Use grease on the pivot pins, 30wt motor oil on the shaft.  Don't use WD-40, break-free, or any aerosol lubricants.
  • Reassemble in the reverse.

When reattaching the platform, a special alignment tool is required.  It is available at no charge just by calling and asking for one.

Cleaning of 650


  • Use 409 or similar detergent cleaner to clean interior of case feeder. Never use petroleum based solvents on any plastics.
  • Use alcohol on a small patch to clean interior of primer magazine and pickup tubes.
  • Use orange oil based "Gunk" hand cleaner to clean interior of powder hopper, to lighten it after extended powder storage in tube.
  • Use alcohol to wipe off powder bars, and swab out interior of powder measure body where bars slide. Also use alcohol to clean interior of powder drop tube, powder funnel.
  • Use alcohol to periodically wipe off primer disc, primer seating punch.

Reassembly of 650, emphasis on lube points

  • lube shaft w/ 30 wt motor oil
  • lube all pivot pins with grease-show grease grooves in pins, lube holes in crank and link arms. Don't forget main shaft pivot pin.
  • lightly grease interior of ring indexer, camming surface of ring indexer and indexer block.
  • lightly grease the primer cam on the upper right side of the frame.
  • lightly grease angled cam surface on slide cam.
  • lightly grease platform rails where case insert slide rides.
  • lightly grease ramp on case insert slide, where camming pin contacts it.
  • lightly grease underside of shellplate bolt, where it contacts top of shellplate.
  • lightly grease rails on connector body collar.
  • lightly grease roller on connector body collar.
  • lightly grease primer disc pin.
  • heavily grease underside of station one locator, where it fits into platform extension.
  • Use alignment tool when reinstalling platform

We have several helpful videos on our site.  Just scroll down until you find the one you need.

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