Lubrication Points for the Super 1050

Sep 23rd, 2016

1050 Lubrication:

Operating circumstances will dictate the frequency of required lubrication. It is highly recommended that the Super 1050 be cleaned and lubed after every 10,000 rounds of operation.  Use a high-grade, conventional wheel bearing grease – do not use oil.

Lubrication Points:

• Casefeed Plunger (#13073*), lube the sides and bottom.

• Casefeed Plunger Roller (#13498) and Bolt (#13333)

• Tappet (#12995)

• Rocker Arm (#13058), cam surfaces and hole.

• Pivot Bolt (#13296)

• Primer Punch Base (#12849 - large or #13307 - small)

• Lube the Indexing Lever Cam surface (#10064) and Index Lever Shoulder Bolt (#13276). With the handle in the rest position, you will see the Index Roller (#10996) come into contact with the Lever Cam surface. The Index Roller (#10996) also requires periodic lubrication.

• Alignment Pins (#12972 & #13515 located under the toolhead)

• Cam Guide Bolt (#12486) and its mated slot

• Toolhead Bore (#20420 - lightly to avoid rusting and/or freezing up)

• Mainshaft Lubrication – Use only 30 weight motor oil. DO NOT use a penetrating lubricant such as WD-40, Breakfree, etc…

• Swage Connecting Rod (#13417) and Clevis Pin (#13522)

• Shellplate lock ring (#20311), bottom surface to shellplate face.

• Shellplate center hole. It’s easiest to lubricate the shellplate center hole when changing from one caliber to another. We recommend that you use a droplet of Blue Loctite on the threads of the following bolts prior to reinstalling: #13333, #13296, and #13276 (see photos and schematics).

Lube Points for the Super 1050:  Crank Assembly

With the handle in the rest position, on the left side of the machine, use a grease syringe to lube the bearing pin (#11009) located in the link arm (#11063). Then, cycle the handle down to the bottom stop.

Again, using the grease syringe, lube the mainshaft pivot pin (#10994) on the left side of the machine via the access hole located 1.2" above the carrier cap (#11010).

Use 30 weight motor oil on the mainshaft (#10999).

Towards the back of the machine, lube the indexing lever cam surface (#11064) and index lever shoulder bolt (#13276).

When it is time to lube the roller bearings (#11008) in the frame and crankshaft, first remove the swage rod assembly, swage connecting rod, and operating handle. On the left side of the machine, use a 5/32" Allen wrench to remove the screw (#13685). Slide the carrier cap (#11010) out of its bore and lube the left-hand side roller bearing (#11008) and carrier cap. Next, slide the crankshaft (#11061) out of the frame from the right side of the machine BUT NO MORE THAN 3/4". Using a grease syringe, dispense some grease onto the right-hand side roller bearing (#11008).

Next, lube the crankshaft surface (#11061). Then, reinsert the crankshaft fully into the frame. Reinstall the carrier cap (#11010). Blue Loctite must be used on the threads before installation, tighten. Finally, reassemble the swage component and operating handle back onto the frame. Lube the swage connecting rod (#13417) and clevis pin (#13522).

We have several helpful videos on our site.  Just scroll down until you find the one you need.

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