Primers flipping in a Square Deal B

Sep 29th, 2016
If you have issues with your primers flipping, turning sideways, or otherwise not being inserted correctly into the case please check the following.  You may also call us at 800-762-3845.  Please be in front of your machine when you call.
  • When cycling primers through the machine push forward on the handle to elevate the primer.  Check to insure that it remained flat.
  • Be sure your locator buttons are installed at all three positions, and that they are the correct buttons for the caliber that you are reloading.
  • Inspect the four case cutouts in the shellplate for damage. Damage is most likely to occur if someone has short-stroked the handle, and impacted the edge of the shellplate into the depriming pin. You'll see round dimple marks , and if severe, you could have a sideways profile of the depriming pin if the impact was severe enough to bend it.
  • Next we need to test if the shellplate has rotated into position when the primer cup is coming up through the hole in the shellplate. This can be caused by the primer cup and punch being too tall, or wear on the index pawl.
    • The way to test this is to first remove the primer feed from the front of the machine.
    • Now apply light downward pressure to the top of the shellplate with your thumb, and cycle the handle.
    • See if the index lever rotates the shellplate enough that the detent ball clicks into position.
    • If it does not, then look for a set screw on the right side of the shaft, near the rear. This set screw acts as a stop to limit travel of the index lever. Back this set screw out in 1/4 turn increments, to a maximum of 1 turn, to see if the increased travel lines the shellplate over the detent ball.
  • If the shellplate is in proper alignment, there are two other possibilities.
    • First, if the cup and punch are too tall in the primer slide, they try to come up through the shellplate too soon. To check, detach the primer slide from the primer feed. Measure from the underside of the primer slide to the top of the primer cup. This should measure 1.410", +/-.003". There is a photo showing this on page 4 of the current SDB manual.
    • If this measurement is correct, then the final possibility is the set screw #13961b, located in the primer feed body below the primer slide, is out of adjustment. This set screw stops forward travel of the primer slide, to align the cup to come up through the hole in the shellplate.
      • To best view the alignment, first be sure the primer feed is empty.
      • Next, detach the powder measure from the die in station 2. 
      • Push the powder funnel up out of this die.
      • Now look straight down through this die, and cycle the handle. As the handle comes up to the "at rest" position, before you push the handle forward to seat the primer, the cup should be centered. If you see a crescent moon shaped gap at 5 o'clock, then the set screw is in too far and needs to be backed out slightly. If the gap is at 11 o'clock, then the set screw needs to go in more. Adjust this screw in 1/8 turn increments, a maximum of 3/4 turn.

We have several helpful videos on our site.  Just scroll down until you find the one you need.

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