Square Deal B Primer Feed Issues

Sep 25th, 2016
If you are having problems with the automatic primer feeder for your Square Deal B please check the items below.  For the best possible assistance, please phone us at 800-762-3845 when you can be in front of the machine.

Check to see if the primer cup and punch are fully seated in the primer slide: 

  • Remove the primer slide from the primer feed.
  • Using calipers, measure from the underside of the primer slide to the top of the cup.  It should be 1.410", plus or minus .003".
  • If necessary, use a clamp or vise to reseat the primer cup and punch, and hold them down in place while you tighten the setscrew.
Next lets check the shellplate and primer punch alignment:
  • Put light pressure on the shellplate with your thumb, and cycle the handle enough to advance the shellplate.  See if the shellplate rotates far enough for the detent ball underneath it to locate the shellplate properly.
  • If this measurement is okay, pull the handle down on the Square Deal B.
  • Underneath the primer slide, just above the coil spring, there is a set screw.  Turn this setscrew in or out, in 1/4 turn increments, to align the primer cup to come up through the shellplate.

Next check to see if the slide binds without primers in the tube.

  • If no, then either the magazine tip is damaged, or the primer cup & punch are sitting too high in the primer slide.
  • If yes, check for stray primers in the escape notch in the primer slide bar.

If you need further assistance please call us at 800-762-3845.  For the best possible customer service please make sure you are in front of your machine when you call.

We have several helpful videos on our site.  Just scroll down until you find the one you need.

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