Refurbishing your Dillon Precision Reloading Machine

Sep 25th, 2016
If you need to send your Dillon Precision reloader back to us for maintenance just email us your name and address or call 800-762-3845 and we'll create a Return Merchandise Authorization for you.  We suggest shipping it via FedEx or UPS so that it can be tracked.  You can enclose payment or we’ll call when the repair is done.

The clean and lube service charges are as follows:
  • Square Deal B, RL450 or RL550 - $79.95
  • XL650 - $119.95
  • SL900 - $189.95
  • RL1050 or Super - 1050 $229.95
Clean and lube service includes return shipping in the 48 contiguous US.  This is for the machine only, not accessories.  We strip the machine down, clean it in the solvent tank, inspect it; replacing all worn or damaged parts (missing parts are not covered) and then re-lube and reassemble it.  We will contact you regarding any major parts that are missing  while the machine is here.  Typical turnaround time is about 3 weeks.

Please remove the strong mount, if used, brass locator buttons, spent primer chute and cup, machine handle (except on the SDB), toolhead, powder measure, failsafe rod, loaded cartridge chute, any bins, and alarms.  Also if you have a casefeeder, remove the case feed bowl and mounting post.  ONLY include any of these items if there is a specific problem with it.  Please do include the priming system, but you may detach it for shipping.

Be sure to remove any powder and primers before shipping.  It is illegal to ship explosives without the proper paperwork.

We have several helpful videos on our site.  Just scroll down until you find the one you need.

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