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Jumpy Powder Meaure


Running my first batch of bottleneck rifle (223) through my 550, and was annoyed at powder falling around the shell plate when the ram was lowered. The powder measure was also jumpy on the up-stroke, with the case mouth often catching on the bottom lip of the funnel then falling off.

Examine the powder funnel, the funnel shape at bottom ends with a square edge that seems unnecessarily wide. I evenly blended the square edge into the funnel, then polished to a mirror shine. Press runs perfectly now, no spilled powder, very smooth.

Also, powder was sticking at the top of the funnel so I also polished that. Powder is fine ball (Ramshot TAC) and case is filled to bottom of the neck so it's not spilling over.
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RE: Jumpy Powder Meaure

This part of the forum is for troubleshooting the Mr. Bulletfeeder. In the future, please direct your troubleshooting to the RL550 forum.
To respond to your query, it sounds like the shellplate bolt is too loose. To test, push down on the edge of the shellplate between stations 2 and 3. If it feels springy, then the shellplate bolt needs to be tighter. If you lightly grease the underside of the shellplate bolt, where it contacts the index sprocket, then it is easier to index the shellplate with the bolt adjusted tighter.