• JP AR-15 Trigger Spring Kit
  • JP AR-15 Trigger Spring Kit

JP AR-15 Trigger Spring Kit

Stock Number: 12618

Spending $140 or more for trigger parts on every AR-type rifle you may own may not be realistic. If you can't quite pop for our complete trigger kit, or have too many rifles and can't justify expensive triggers in all of them, then this may be for you. You can achieve a significant improvement over stock parts by using a set of our custom trigger/hammer springs and the Rydol sear compound. With proper sear and hammer notch preparation, a livable 4.5 to 5.0 smooth trigger in a rifle with standard trigger components is possible. It will not have the extremely short engagement/over travel feel like the JP trigger, but you will have a smooth "roll-off" feel that will give usable trigger control. The spring kit includes trigger, hammer and disconnector spring and complete instructions on how to prep your parts for best results.

Note: Use of this spring kit requires the use of US manufactured (domestic) ammunition or reloads with domestic (non-NATO spec) primers as ignition reliability will be reduced with hard low sensitivity primers as found in made foreign made ammunition and NATO specification ammunition. Use these parts only in rifles for recreational or competition shooting. Do not use this spring kit for any defense or duty applications or any AR-10 type rifle. Order the #12590 for AR-10, duty or defense applications.