JP AR-15 Trigger Kit
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JP AR-15 Trigger Kit

Stock Number: 12616
JP Original Fire Control Kit for .154 Small Pin Receivers

Attempts to modify stock AR-15/M-16 fire control components nearly always end in failure. The sear geometry and metallurgy of the stock parts usually results in losing the sear edge and a trigger that doubles after a few hundred rounds. The JP single stage trigger is metallurgically improved and features engagement and over-travel adjustments in combination with completely re-engineered precision ground sear geometry, eliminating most of the hammer camming effect so prevalent with the original parts. Disconnector timing is corrected during the installation procedure, thereby eliminating the fire on release or “doubling” problem, when properly installed. The extremely short reset of the hammer ensures a durable relationship between the parts.

The complete absence of take up and over-travel and incredibly short reset, makes this fire control system the best possible compromise between precision and speed for action or tactical rifle competition. Again, this system is the choice of many professional shooters—Bennie Cooley, Bruce Piatt, Tony Holmes, Don Bednorz, Taran Butler, Kyle Lamb, Tom Carpenter, Don Golembesky, Kurt Miller, and many other pro level shooters compete with JP rifles or rifles equipped with a JP Fire Control System. Many well-known custom gunsmiths recommend JP components. Six other major manufacturers of these rifles use JP components in their fire control groups. What more can we say? The original JP Fire Control System has become the benchmark of single stage triggers.

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