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Issue on Square Deal B with 9mm & 44mag

Hello, i live in france and sorry by advance for my bad english.

I contact you for know if we have a support service product in France.

because i have 2 issues on my square deal B.

The first is a alignement probleme between my case and the die. the case not arrived right aligned in front of the die tool and hit this one. I'm obligate to push manuly with my hand the case to aligne this one with the die tool.

i have this probleme on 2 caliber I have ( 9mm & 44 mag)

and the second one is one of the two screw "13860" get broken when i try to desmount thisone to verifie my square deal. fortunately I had all tools needed to extract the piece of the screw stay in the body. but i need a nwe screw.

for the two problemes, I have several pictures if you want.

thanks a lot.
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RE: Issue on Square Deal B with 9mm & 44mag

Please send photos of the alignment so we can understand it.
Please send your address as well, so we can mail a replacement 13860 to you.

Please email this to