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Stock Number: 10209

The Degreezer consists of a 12” x 6” x 4 ½“ polypropylene tray with an angled drainage surface and a well with a perforated basket for holding and draining small parts. The set also includes a standard double end nylon gun cleaning brush. As anyone who has cleaned a gun is aware, cleaning small parts is a major challenge. Given the available technology and fixtures the standard procedure is to use some kind of cup or similar vessel, poor in a quantity of cleaning solvent, and then pick up the parts one by one and brush them clean. The Degreezer changes all of that. Small parts and even complete trigger groups and bolt assemblies can be placed in the basket and the well filled with solvent to cover the parts and left to soak for extended periods. Then the basket can be withdrawn draining all the parts. At this point the parts can be brushed one by one to remove all contaminates. As a bonus, the set includes a cover with an integral holder for the brush. This means that solvent that has been contaminated by the cleaning process can be left in the well (rather than returned to the bottle) of the Degreezer with the cover in place so that it is ready to be used for the next cleaning event.

The tray, cover, and basket are made from polypropylene plastic. This has been proven to be impervious to all popular commercial cleaning solutions. It will also resist kerosene, acetone, and gasoline. The Degreezer will quickly become an indispensable fixture on the work bench.