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how to set up correct crimp

I have changed calibers on my SDB to 40 S&W and wanting to adjust the crimp. My question is how do I know that I have just the right crimp?

I have read that as long as you cant push the projectile into the casing then you have a proper crimp. For me that is a bit of a hit and miss as I have had cartridges loaded up to station 3 and without going into station 4, they do not sink into the casing even if pushed against the wall.

I am hoping there is a more logical way of doing this.

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RE: how to set up correct crimp

The best way to set your crimp initially is to put a piece of sized, empty brass into station 4, and pull the handle down. Screw the crimp adjustment plug down until you feel it just contact the top of the crimp die. Now crimp a loaded cartridge, and measure the case mouth diameter with calipers. It should measure about .001-.004" smaller than the maximum case mouth diameter shown in your loading manual.