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frustrated with beam scale

loading .308 hand weighing each charge, use powder scoup close to my charge then trickle and trickle and trickle tap the scale or the table the beam tops out, tap some powder out and start again sometimes 3-4 times to get the charge right.


have alcoholed the pivot points and rubbed dryer sheets all over everything the scale still sticks it is driving me crazy and is more frustrating than fun.

scale is 2 years old (as is my 550) this started happening last summer did not reload much through the winter read the posts on this forum about the dryer sheets tried it and it still sticks.

what is the fix

a simple manual device should not have issues. the scale never moves more than 8" from the back of the bench cabnet to the drop down door and back in.  handled the same as all of my other percision measuring equipment.

looking for answers really dont want to buy the green or the red scale i already have one and i should not have to stand on one foot blinking my left eye turning to the right to get it to work.

frustrated at this point



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RE: frustrated with beam scale

Be sure the copper vane that travels between the magnets is not rubbing on either side. Be sure the agate pivot points are clean, and no rust is on the balance arm pivot.