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Feed back on customer service.

I am giving you feedback on customer service. I had a new super 1050 arrive monday. I could not use it due to a defective primer pickup tube. I spoke with a rep who said that he would mail out a replacement. BUT I have no record are all if the order was filled, if it is going to the correct address etc. The same day I decided to order a cover for the 1050. You would not ship to my home address. I had to call again and now the same drill. I don't know if or when it was shipped and was even told that I had to do phone orders basically for the rest of my life, because my billing and shipping address are not the same and that Dillon unlike other companies can not deal with that.

Today I discovered that I can not reload with a $2000 machine that you did not even include or suggest a primer flipper. Am I supposed to go through the same BS again? Call... place an order and then have no idea if it was shipped, where it was shipped, and when it may arrive? All I know is that I have a machine that is a paper weight and that Dillion likes to rub salt into the wound rather than dealing with the problem.
PS your contact form suks on your web page. Contacting me via email means that there is no time suitable for a phone call! But you require that time to submit the form.

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RE: Feed back on customer service.

If we have your email address on file, we send out a tracking link whenever an order is shipped.
On any reloading machine, you will need some additional support equipment. Under the heading of "The Basics", there is a description of exactly what is included with the machine, and a list of the additional necessary equipment required to load ammunition.

The Basics
The basic Super 1050 includes:

Auto indexing shellplate
1 set of dies
Built in primer pocket swager
Automatic powder measure system
Automatic priming system
Electric casefeeder
Low Primer Alarm

You will also need (at minimum):

Powder scale
Reloading Handbook
Dial caliper
Primer flip tray
Case lube(for bottleneck cartridges)

I suggest that you also get:

Dillon dies, which are designed for high speed use.
Extra primer pick-up tubes, if loading more than 100 - 200 rounds per sitting.
If you are loading more than 500 rounds per reloading session, then the RF-100 Electric Primer Filler is an accessory well worth considering.
A machine cover to keep the unit dust free.

For online orders, due to credit card security requirements, the billing address for the credit card must be the address the order ships to. If you order by phone, we can change the shipping address. This significantly reduces fraudulent credit card use.