Elzetta ZSM Shotgun Flashlight MOunt, 12 Ga
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Elzetta ZSM Shotgun Flashlight MOunt, 12 Ga

Stock Number: 18050
The Elzetta ZSM will work with Remington 870, Remington 1100, Mossberg 500, Mossberg 590, Benelli M1, Benelli M4, Benelli Nova, and many other shotguns that have 1-3/4" (44 mm) of free space on the magazine tube and barrel.

The Elzetta ZSM is designed for 12-Gauge Shotguns and also comes with Gauge Adapters that allow the Elzetta ZSM to be used with 20-Gauge and .410 shotguns

Every Elzetta ZSM comes with Sizing Adapters, giving the Flashlight Mount the ability to hold flashlights from 0.70 to 1.05 inches in diameter (18 to 27 mm).

No, neither the flashlight nor the shotgun are included
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