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  • Eliminator Balance Beam Scale
  • Eliminator Balance Beam Scale

Eliminator Balance Beam Scale

Stock Number: 13480
The Dillon Precision Eliminator Scale is accurate, reliable and easy to use. With a magnetically dampened 511 grain capacity accurate to within +/- 0.1 grain the Eliminator will help you zero in on the perfect powder charge every time. The Eliminator has three poises:
  • 0 - 500 grains in 10 grain increments
  • 0 - 10 grains in 1 grain increments
  • 0 - 1 grain in .1 grain increments
The Dillon Precision Eliminator scale is balanced by rotating the white plastic leveler foot at its base. This insures that your zero is spot on before you begin your reloading session.