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Downstroke harder on .40S&W?

I load .38 slp, .357 mag, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. All of these calibers load like butter with the exception of .40 S&W. For some reason, the downstroke likes to take a bit more effort. I'm not sure why. Its pretty annoying.

I tried to chase the problem down to one particular die, but it only seems to happen when all all four stations are in use.

Any ideas?
Cliff Wright
Cliff Wright
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RE: Downstroke harder on .40S&W?

Two things: 1. Do you use case lube? I resisted the temptation to use case lube for a long time, but the 40 cal cases just run smoother with it.

2. More importantly, do you resize your cases before running them through your press? I have a separate single stage press setup with a push through resizing die that I use before running the cases through my Super 1050.

I load a lot of 40 and I find that the better prepared the cases are, the smoother the operation runs. Those Glock bulged cases can be a nightmare when you’re trying to crank out a thousand rounds.