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Dillon, will you read this?



I had called up this past Saturday and after waiting 38 minutes on the phone I was able to get through to a customer service rep. My question for the rep was, me needing all invoices for the purchases I had made from Dillon in the past year. He said I would need to call back during the work week and speak to a supervisor as he was not able to pull up that information. I honestly don't have the time to wait on the phone that long to get ahold of someone. Is there a way you guys can email all my invoices? They will start out with when I first purchased my 650 back mid last year. My customer ID is 001629398. The email you guys have on file for when you send me shipment notifications is still correct.





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RE: Dillon, will you read this?

You should be able to see your order history in "My Account" & print invoices