Dillon RL 450 / RL550C Upgrade Frame Change Kit

Stock Number: 20094
You can, either all at once or one assembly at a time, upgrade your RL 450 reloader to an RL 550C.

This same kit is also an upgrade to the RL550C, with the threaded upper pivot pins

Kit includes:
RL550C Frame
2 Toolhead Pins
Primer slide return spring and pin
Platform Alignment Tool
Punch for removing old-style link arm pivot pins
Two New-Style Upper Linkarm Pivot Pins

To completely transform your RL 450 into an RL 550C you may also need the following (assuming you don't already have these):

If you have an older powder measure that lacks the more modern failsafe features you may also need:

Powder Measure Failsafe Kit for RL550