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Die Warranty

Things clearly changed in the Dillon shop since when I brought my first Dillon machine, a RL450, back in the 1980s.

I have since purchased 4 more machines and currently have three mounted on my bench. I have purchased and used Dillon products for nearly 40 years to support my hobby of recreational shooting.

During this time span, I seldom had the need to use customer support for warranty service. When I did, the responds was prompt and effective. The "No BS policy" was truly no BS. I had worn or broken parts replaced at no cost and quickly. This was mostly back when we had no internet and was done by mail or phone calls.

What changed?

This: Earlier this year (2021) I noticed my latest batch of 223 brass had what appears to be off centered flash holes and the "feel" was just not right when running the machine. I checked the die and noticed the decapping pin was slightly bent and the tip had peened distortion.

I used the warranty link to ask for a new pin. They acknowledged with an email informing me it is being looked at. After about 3 months, I was informed the pin is not a warranty part and I need to buy it.

So...my concern is this:

1. what happened to the "No BS policy" warranty service
2. why did it took 3 months to inform the customer

Other then venting to this group, I truly hope someone in a leadership position is monitoring and is willing to do things to get it back to how the founder Pete Dillon had wanted his shop to be run.
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RE: Die Warranty

I broke a .223 decapping pin recently. It never occurred to me that I should get a new one for free and I was happy to pay so little from Graf's. It basically shipped for free with an order I placed. I had a piece of crappy brass with an off-center flash hole and was also working on some problem crimped brass at the time. I had already bent a Lee Universal Decapping Pin. Sometimes, you just need to throw away that ten cent piece of brass. I wouldn't have expected them to pay for something that I believe was my fault for applying too much pressure. But how could I have known how much was too much? I guess that's why the die set came with two pins. I see a Mighty Armory decapping die in my future.

Looking at the No B.S. warranty, I notice that decapping pins aren't specifically excluded, and it should be mentioned if that is the policy. And it definitely shouldn't have taken three months to get back to you, that's ridiculous.
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RE: Die Warranty

This string really bothered me. Like you, I jumped on the Dillon train MANY years ago and had frequently opined that if Dillon built trucks, I'd be driving a shiny blue one. After all, there are perilously few products backed by a "No BS warranty".
In another string several months ago I complained about another reloading product manufacturer I was compelled to use because Dillon was not yet making any reloading or trim dies for the .350 Legend. And of course I bent the decapping rod. And of course when I called to get one I was interrogated before they agreed to replace the first one, " . . . but you'll have to pay next time."
So what do we make of this, other than we now have conclusive evidence Mike Dillon has passed on? Us Dillon fans accepted the fact that electric and electronic equipment was NOT part of the no BS warranty. But we really thought THAT was it! To be clear, we are aware the stuff is not perfect (else I wouldn't be picking up spent primers with some regularity). I
But if there is now some list of Dillon equipment/parts that are NOT covered by that famous warranty, please cover that list--both in an issue of the Blue Press and on the website. I'll very likely continue to utilize Dillon equipment. I still like it. But if there are parts prone to damage, I'll want to know and I'll probably call and order/pay for those items to keep spares on hand. Like most of Dillon World, when I get engrossed in using my gear to build gun food, I can tolerate a short shut down to repair or replace a part or two. I just hate the thought that my session has to stop.