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Deprime issue

Every 10 to 30th round I have a spent primer get reseated in the case it was removed from. This problem has went from almost never to pretty often. The die is set to almost touch the shell plate although I have tried it higher with no luck. Just installed a complete new size/deprime die from Dillon, same problem. This 1050 has about 20,000 rounds through it since new and this is basically the only problem I have had. I run 9mm only so never do any changeovers.

Any Ideas?
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RE: Deprime issue

The spent primers are getting jammed onto the end of the depriming pin. There are two different approaches to dealing with this. You can either round off any sharp,square edges on the tip of the decap pin, or you can remove a small amount of material from the tip of the pin so the tip is the same diameter as the shaft of the pin. Either one makes it less likely that the spent primer will stick to the end of the pin.