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CV-2001 Overheating?

I purchased a CV-2001 a few months ago and finally got around to cleaning some cases.
I was using walnut media and was not overloading the tub.
After 30 minutes I noticed that the steel plate on the bottom of the tub was quite warm.
After 40 minutes I tilted the base up and took some temp measurements on the motor. The warmest spot I found was 173f. That's way to hot to hold on to with bare skin.
That seems awfully hot and I was beginning to smell the “hot electrics” type of odor.
This could be just the new plastic smell starting to cook off. But still I stopped the run as the brass was clean enough.
How hot does your vibrator get during constant use?
Think I should take this up with Customer Service or run it a few more times to see if things continue to heat up?
Thanks for your input.
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RE: CV-2001 Overheating?

The CV 2001 uses a sealed motor without an external cooling fan. I will run hot. This is normal.