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Crimp on second pass if use bullet feeder?

I am considering adding some type of economical bullet feeder to my 550b, not to speed process, but due to physical problem with my thumb causing me to fumble with and drop bullets quite often. I have also heard that one may get more consistent OAL due to better bullet alignment when one seats bullet, which may or may not be true. I assume this is with units that use powder funnel that expands case in stages much like the lyman m-die does.

Common consensus is to simply use a combination seat/crimp die in station 4. I am curious if it would be a mistake to simply seat in station 4 then switch to toolhead with crimp die only and simply crimp the second pass. I would like to try this with 380, 9mm, and 45 ACP, all taper crimp. I am unsure if I would have issue with bullet setback before crimping due to the handling/dropping of un-crimped cartridge in bin on first pass. I realize I can just try it and measure and see for myself, but ask as some of the bullet feeders use a proprietary powder funnel for expanding case, which I obviously do not have. One consideration is the Double Alpha Mini Mr. BulletFeeder, the Hornady Lock-N-Load Pistol Bullet Feeder Bullet Feeding Die 095334, others not yet determined. I see some people have used a special bracket and added a lee feeder as well, which may allow seating in same station.

I have seen many posts online referring to using a seat/crimp die, but never a mention of a second pass to crimp. This may be because it adds much more time and defeats purpose, or because it is just plain stupid idea. I have more time than money, so upgrading to 650 not an option. Neither is an expensive feeder unit with motor.

What seat/crimp dies work the best if I go that route?

I am simply loading for plinking, not competition, protection, or absolute precision.
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RE: Crimp on second pass if use bullet feeder?

Since you are only using a taper crimp I would try seating and crimping at the same time at station four and see how the rounds turn out.