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Crimp Die Seized?

Let me begin by saying that I have processed thousands of rounds through my 650 and this is the first glicth that I have had.
For some reason my crimp die that had been working flawlessly for ages has started to act up.
The problem is that to get any crimp at all, I have to turn the die down so far that it pushes the bullet deeper than I require. Here are the specifics;
Reloading 9mm and use 147 grain jacketed bullets. COL is 1.1". Typically I use about 1.5 - 2.0 thousands crimp.
I am not getting almost zero crimp and the bullet is being pushed by the crimp die down to 1.05".
Is it possible the crimp die insert could be seized? When I look at the die there is zero movement in the crimp insert.
Any comments woud be really appreciated.
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RE: Crimp Die Seized?

Use a bronze bore brush and an ammonia-based bore solvent, such as Sweets 7.62 or Hoppes #9 to clean the interior of the die. Then reset the die.