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cover size

  What are the dimensions of the covers for the 650 and the 1050/900? I have the 650 with a mr bullet feeder and would like to cover that as well. If the 650 is designed to go over the case feeder, is there enough room for the bullet feeder as well? If I had the actual sizes in inches, I could decide if either would work. Also, if the 1050/900 is larger, (at the top) I may just go with that. Another reason is the 1050 cover looks as it will go over the bullet tray and roller handle, where the 650 does not according to old posts.

 Thanks, jj

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RE: cover size

I have a 550 w/ casefeeder and I had to use the 650 cover to be able to cover the press w/ casefeeder. And it will cover the roller handle but not the bullet tray. The top measures 16" across the front and 14" front to back.

Hope this helps you out. I do not know the 1050 cover measurements.