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Clean brass sticking in the expander/powder die

I recently began cleaning brass in a wet tumbler. The clean brass is beautiful, like bran new but it is so clean that is is sticking in the expander die. I tried a bit of lube on the expander die but that only works for one or two cases and is soon gone. I have never had this problem with dry tumbled case cleaning but I do have the exact problem with new star line brass. I love the look of wet tumbled brass. My friends can’t tell the handloads from factory cartridges
Any suggestions as to how to solve this problem?
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RE: Clean brass sticking in the expander/powder die

The light coating of carbon on the inside of the case acts as a lubricant on the powder funnel. Since you wet tumble, this carbon coating is removed. You can use car wash with wax in it in lieu of the detergent cleaner you currently use. The light wax finish left acts as a lubricant.