• CCW Moon Clip Loading/ Unloading Tool, 45ACP
  • CCW Moon Clip Loading/ Unloading Tool, 45ACP
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CCW Moon Clip Loading/ Unloading Tool, 45ACP

Stock Number: 19489
While there are plenty of tools available to either load or unload moon clips, this is the only tool that does BOTH. Stop hurting your fingers!The Deluxe Mooncliptool is CNC-machined out of aluminum and hard anodized. Mooncliptools are made in the USA by a machinist who's an avid shooter.
 To use the Mooncliptool, simply place a moon clip on the arbor and use the lever to press the round into the clip. The lever has a spring return for easy one-handed operation.
  The rings on the handle end of the tool are for stripping fired cartridge cases from the moon clip. The moon clip bears against a recess that gives you a huge mechanical advantage-you simply place the spent case in the ring and pry. When the case is free of the moon clip, it drops through the hole in the ring.

 NOTE:This model is for the 6-shot 45ACP N-frame revolvers AND for Hearthco and Dillon stainless 8-shot 357 moonclips. The mandrell measures .573" in diameter.Measure the opening in YOUR moonclips before ordering, to ensure correct fit.