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Cases falling upside down.

I've run about 2400 9mm and 2000 .380 through my 750. I'm getting about 2 per 50 upside down. Also, some csaes land in the upper funnel horizontal and then as they feed they fall out over the top of the funnel. I've checked the case feed plate, there's no washer under it. I've watched dozens of videos on how to adjust . Everything seems to be correct. I'm using it at about 1 case per second maybe a little less. So I'm going pretty slow. Any ideas?
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RE: Cases falling upside down.

A short time back, I was having the same problem and it was caused by me using the incorrect disk. I can't remember what cal I was loading but it was either 9mm or 38/357 and I had the "other" disk in the feeder.

Is the case tube straight? If the feeder is not quite straight overhead the tube, cases can sometimes jam on the way down.

Good luck.