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Case gets stuck in the powder funnel

I just installed the 9mm kit and loaded a couple dozen rounds. One thing I noticed is that at station #2, when I push the handle forward after the case has been belled, and the powder dropped, the case is stuck on the powder funnel. Its not a big deal, I just nudge the handle and it comes loose and goes to the next station.

I haven't had this problem with other calibers. Is this normal for 9mm, or is there a problem here? I checked to make sure I have the correct powder funnel, and I do (F).

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RE: Case gets stuck in the powder funnel

9mm cases, especially when using mixed brass, have a wider variation in case neck thickness than many other cartridges. This can result in greater or lesser effort needed to pull the case off the funnel.
Additionally, new brass, and brass that was wet-tumbled lacks the light coating of carbon on the inside of the case. This carbon coating acts as a lubricant on the funnel. Use steel wool or scotchbrite pad to wipe off the end of the funnel every 25-35 cases or so to prevent brass buildup on the funnel.