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Case Gauges: USE THEM

Like my Daddy and his Daddy before him, I knew I didnt have need for any case gauges because my sizer was set correctly and locked down. I used an old very rigid green single stage press so its impossible to have headspace problems.

Last week bought a 550 from a friend, he threw in a 308 cas gauge. OK, one more thing taking up space that I dont need.

Yesterday was trimming cases with a tool that registers against shoulder instead of my lathe type trimmer (I'm a PROGRESSIVE loader now, I havent got time for lathe trimmers). Running through a batch of military brass, I found several that didnt even take a skim cut, where most required 0.010" or more. So I wondered how short they were. Turns out they were 0.005" long. So why disnt the trimmer cut? Because headspace dimension was long, as noted by the dillon gauge. And all the same two head stamps, which are an insignificant minority in my population.

There is something a out that brass that doesnt resize the same as all others. Maybe the brass has more spring-back. Maybe the necks are thicker and drag hard on expander, pulling shoulder forward. Brass is OFV 74 (Indian) and IVI 69 (Canadian). In searching for origin I read others having same issue. I'm culling it all and throwing it away.

I learned my lesson. Now need to get a 223 case gauge.