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Cartridges won’t feed into shell plate

Brand new out of box XL750. Ordered with .223 conversion kit installed, .223 dies, .45 and 9mm EZ change kits, case feeder and all the bells and whistles.

Today, I finally got it mounted to the bench on an Inline Fabrications Ultra Mount. Read through the directions and watched several YouTube set up videos.

Went to run a single, brand new sized, unprimed .223 case down the case feeder tube and had issues right away.

The cartridge drops down to the slide plate fine. But as the cartridge is pushed towards the shell plate, it stops 1/4-1/2” short of being seated in the shell plate at station 1. Looked at all the corresponding parts and they are fine. Only thing I noticed was the cam block was showing “P” for pistol. Took the screw out and flipped the block, so “R” is facing me. Also, attempted to adjust the cam rod/pin. Backed it all the way up after loosening the 9/16 nut. Still...nothing. Can’t get block to push the cartridge into the shell plate.

There’s no slop or spongy feeling in the shell plate. I’ve read the trouble shooting section of the manual and tried everything I know how to do. Nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.
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RE: Cartridges won’t feed into shell plate

Wow! 10 minutes on the phone with, Sam, from Dillon Precision technical support and my XL750 is running smoothly. Thanks to Dillon for standing by their products with superb customer service/support.

So, as a new Dillon owner, this is the first place I looked for troubling shooting after business hours. Found a lot of questions with no answers. Though I’d take the time to follow up and post what the issue and resolution was...

After looking at the press with Sam on the phone, it appeared that my cartridge chute bracket (page 54 in XL750 manual, item 19) was contacting the case insert slide (page 61, in XL750, item 19). The bracket was getting jammed underneath the outside edge of the case insert slide assembly, while raising the handle toward the priming position. This was preventing the slide from advancing the cartridge into the shell plate.

Not sure how the bracket got bent. Went right from the box, onto the mount. Doesn’t matter, was an easy fix with channel locks and a small vise.

Problem was resolved by bending the cartridge chute bracket out of the way, so that the slide could finish its travel.

Note: Sam knew the travel was impeded because he asked me if the primer punch was was coming through the gold colored primer cup at station 2. AND IT WASN’T.

If, at the top of your priming stroke, there is not a soft spongy feeling in the handle (while the machine is not loaded with cartridges in any station) there is something wrong with the travel on your machine. Before the fix, my machine felt short at the top of the priming stroke and it was a hard, solid stop. Also, the priming lunch was not protruding through the primer cup at station 2.

In addition, the platform assembly (page 61, item 1) should almost touch the primer system mount assembly (page 56, item 1) when the handle is raised, full travel, to the priming position.

Once the cartridge chute bracket was bent out of the way, the issue was resolved.

Hope this helps someone in the future.