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Bullet Feeder on 1050

I recently purchased a 1050 and would like to add a Bullet Feeder. I like having the powder checker though, and it appears that feature would have to be removed to have a bullet feeder. It's hard to get a double charge on the 1050. Even so, I worry about the possibility. Those with bullet feeders and/or no powder level check, how often do you weigh and check your powder amounts? Any workaround with the bullet feeder? Thanks for your input!
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RE: Bullet Feeder on 1050

I don't use the powder check, but I am staring right there into the case mouth as the bullet is being dropped from the MR - BF. Sometimes it's a bit difficult to see, and some people have added a small camera with a tablet or some other monitor for viewing. A lot of people trust their setup and let 'er fly. IF you are on top of everything and keeping close tabs (and as long as nothing breaks, which is very rare) on the whole operation the powder drops are right there where you set it.
One other option is to use a powder check, then MR -BF, then a seat + crimp die at the last station. I haven't done that either, but some choose that if they really want to keep the powder check.
You will most definitely enjoy the MR - BF. I'm sold on them (x3)
I hope this was helpful. You will love the 1050!