Bladetech Ultimate Carry 1.5" Brown Nylon Gunbelt
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Bladetech Ultimate Carry 1.5" Brown Nylon Gunbelt

Stock Number: 12383
The Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt by nexbelt is specifically designed for those who carry a firearm daily for personal defense. The PreciseFit ratchet system allows you to quickly tighten or loosen the belt in 1/4" increments up to 6 inches for the perfect fit no matter how you carry. Rest assured, this will be the most comfortable and fastest adjusting belt you will ever own. The Ultimate Carry Belt has a water-resistant backing that helps prevent moisture from penetrating the outer surface and allows for extra strength and durability. Fits up to a 50" waist.

1) Add 2 inches to pant size using the scale on back side of belt and trim with scissors

2)Insert belt into buckle until you hear ratcheting/clicking sound. Do not over tighten.

3) To release:
 A) Use right hand to push belt inward towards the buckle to allow slack and hold strap.

 B) with your left hand, pull the release lever at the bottom of the buckle forward away from your body and hold lever.

 C) Slide strap out of buckle with your right hand while holding the release lever with your left hand.