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belling issue

I have had my Dillon 550 for over 25 years. Today, for the first time, I was setting up the press and Dillon .44 Mag./Spec. dies to load .44 special. The powder measure die/belling step was adjusted to provide for a nice acceptable bell however, when lowering the platform, it takes more than usual effort to do so and it feels like the case is to far up on the powder actuator/bell portion of the die.

Is this a sign of to much bell? If so, how do I properly adjust this step to reduce the amount of force necessary to lower the platform?

Thank you.
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RE: belling issue

Case mouths should be flared about .010" larger than a sized, unflared case mouth. If you are loading new or wet-cleaned cases, it does take more effort to pull the case off the powder funnel. The carbon residue inside the case acts as a lubricant on the funnel surface.