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Automatic Super Swage Modification

All you need is a length of string, an elastic and a large washer of some kind.

First make a loop of the string that goes from the nut on the end of the case holder to the handle. I tied my string off at the handle end. At the handle end you will need a washer of some kind for the string to sit on. I used a rubber washer from a garden hose.



You'll need to find the correct length by trial & error, to fine tune the length simply twist the string under the swager like so. Also, the set screw in the upper left corner of the swager in this picture, back it off so the case holder moves freely.


Next you'll need to secure an elastic in a manner like below.

This is where you will need to fine tune the relation of the string and elastic so the swager operates properly. If the string is too tight it can cause the case holder to come down to late and the swaging head will ram into the case head. If the elastic is too strong it won't allow the case holder to come up very high. Adjust the number of twists in both the string and elastic until you find a nice balance.


Next re-mount your Super Swage, but this time you will need to keep it off of your bench slightly as not to inpede the movement of the string. I used three large nuts.


I also have a video of it in action:


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RE: Automatic Super Swage Modification

But you have to love full auto.