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Another high primer thread

Hello, I have a new 550C and am loading 45 Auto small primer brass (Blazer Brass of this caliber has small primers). All's been going pretty well until I started getting high primers. I've taken the priming assembly off, nothing seems wrong there. Fiddled with the adjustment of the shell plate to no avail. One thing I noticed: one of the arms of the index sprocket (13720) seems to be slightly bent and is now contacting the ejector wire (13925) and binding if the shellplate is tightened to the point where there is no "springiness" when I push down on the shellplate between stations 2 and 3. No idea how the arm could have gotten bent, unless it was not properly indexed and contacted the top of the frame or the lip of a die.

Interestingly, and perhaps coincidentally, this started shortly after refilling the primer tube.

Guess I'll give Dillon a call after the weekend, but in the meantime I thought I'd post here.
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RE: Another high primer thread

The other possibility is that the ejector wire has been pried upward slightly when changing shellplates. The ejector wire is a piano wire spring, that puts tension on the holes it inserts into.