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550 PM slipping

On a new d550c with 223 setup and verified to be correct I’m having this issue with the powder measure

Position 2 with sized brass

Raise the ram to when the brass touches the funnel

Brass begins raising funnel and belcrank

Bell crank “slips” drops back down

Now it will resume as normal

Once it slips it throws an approximate extra .5 grains

Any thoughts?
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RE: 550 PM slipping

Push down on the edge of your shellplate between stations 2 and 3. If it feels springy, then the shellplate bolt needs to be tighter. My guess is that the case is tipping slightly, and not centered in the powder funnel. Then as the case goes up, the pressure forces the case to center, when the funnel slips down slightly. This jars the powder bar, settling the powder and allowing more powder to fit into the bar.