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45 ACP Case Expanding


New to loading so forgive the lack of knowledge, I am setting up the dies and I have 1 and 2 set fine at 3 where it seats the bullet I think is the problem. I'm using a 230 Grn 45 and it is expanding the lower portion of the case. So when I take it out and place it in a case gauge to check it the round is too tight to go in towards the bottom. I am using Dillon carbide 4 die set up on an RL550 Any ideas?
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RE: 45 ACP Case Expanding

If you are talking about seeing the shape of the bullet or bullet base through the brass that is normal. The problem with it fitting in the gauge could be that you haven't run it into the taper crimp die yet. At least you didn't mention it. If you are crimping maybe you need a bit more. If you have calipers compare your crimp to a factory round.
Make sure you are using .451diameter bullets.